Our Pastor

Pastor Jim & Mrs. CampI was saved in a small West Texas church when I was 17. I was baptized one week later. I knew I was called to preach, but the liberal Southern Baptist church I was in did not ground me in the faith. I wandered from church for 3 years, before being invited to Trinity Baptist Church in Arlington, TX. I had never been in an Independent Baptist church, & the Bible preaching was a shock. I surrendered to the Lord’s calling, & spent 5 years getting a degree from Norris Bible Baptist Institute in Ft. Worth, TX. I attended Trinity Baptist in Arlington from 1986 thru 1994, then I accepted the call to the pastorate of Victory Baptist in Lovington, NM in October of 1994. I was ordained to the gospel ministry at TBC in the fall of 1994.

While in Bible college, I met my wife in Sunday School at church, & we were married in December of 1987. We have six children, most of them are grown to adulthood, & still active & serving in Victory Baptist of Lovington, NM.